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Welcome to Microliquids - Exploring the world of liquid micro jets

Microliquids offers modular turn-key systems to run liquid micro jets under vacuum conditions. All parts are manufactured to customer needs. Our long term experience quarantees highest quality standards: Made in Germany.
The unique Microliquids technology can be applied to any liquid medium, e.g. to water, ethanol, molten metals, liquid polymers, highly volatile organic liquids or even liquefied gases (also rare gases like xenon or argon). 
Our reliable, robust products allow you to explore the potential of defined liquid samples in an ultra-clean environment that is transparent to any electromagnetic or particle radiation. In general, we offer 3 different types of products:

Product µJet CryoJet FlatJet

Jet Form       
Jet Size [µm] 5 to 100 (dia.) 15 to 40 (dia.)  1000 x 300 x 1 (square)
Speed [m/s] 1 to 100 1 to 100  up to 80
Temperature [°C] -5 to +250  -150 to +25   +2 to +90
Vacuum option
Droplet option -
Recycling option
Typical liquid Water, Acids,
Xenon, Argon
Ethene, Hexane
Water, Alcohol
Typical Application Photoelectron and
X-Ray absorption
EUV lithography and
spectroscopy sources
Thin sheet experiments
with huge areas and
reduced thickness
We are experts for liquid jets with more than 20 years of experience. If the product list above does not comply with your requirements,  please feel free to contact us for your customized quote.