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A liquid jet is genuine device to get water or other components like organics or rare gases into vacuum environments. This allows for serveral unique spectroscopic advantages, because the vacuum is not absorbing any radiation of light or particles. To minimize probe volumes, which can make experiments expensive, a small nozzle diameter can reduce the sample consumption. Microliquids can deliver jets down to a few microns in diameter.

FAQ: Who needs liquid jets?
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Our products are made from scientists for scientist. Most of our customers integrate for several reasons a liquid jet into their existing experiments. Maximum flexiblity allows for adaption of the jet to different problem - a long term investment. The liquid-jet-technology allows you for high throughput investigations with minimized time for service and venting/pumping.

FAQ: Where is the Online-Shop?  
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Most of standard cappillarys and filters can be found at your local supplier for HPLC-parts and are not produced by Microliquids. New quartz nozzles with custom diameters, fittings and locking screws and nuts (wetted parts available in: stainless steel, titanium, metal free) can be ordered directly via Mail under: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

FAQ: Where can i download 3D-CAD-Files and Manuals?
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3D-Models (.step-files) and Manuals are not online available - we are sending you these documents with the shipping of the product or, if you lost them, on demand under: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In a quote we are able to let you have a schematic diagram with dimensions.

Please enter the nozzle diameter and the pressure, generated by the HPLC pump. Please keep in mind, that only the pressure from the nozzle is required, but also Inline-Filters and tiny-diameter capillaries can make pressure offsets:
Nozzle diameter [um]:
Pressure [bar]:
calculates Jet speed

FAQ: How long is the delivery time?          BACK to the TOP

The delivery time is between 8 weeks and 3 months after order, depending on the chosen system. Microliquids is only producing customized system and does not have some systems in stock.

FAQ: Is the jet assembly on a mount? Is the catcher on a mount?          BACK to the TOP

All interfaces can be ordered in CF or KF, targeting your requirements on your vacuum chamber. On demand Microliquids will ship the system with a self-designed flange system, allowing for fastest jet exchange. Electrical feedthroughs will be compact, vacuumthight and produced by Lemo.