The Liquid µJet is a circular jet and can be delivered with jet diameters of 5-100µm. This jet can be run in a vacuum environment without freezing. Every single product is tested and approved in our laboratories.

The left figure shows a sketch of this water jet setup for the vertically installed liquid microjet and the lower beam-catcher unit. The round jet can be ordered in a complete setup with two 3-axis CF100-CF40-manipulators, all-welded stainless steel parts. In a vacuum chamber with 1000 L/s to 2000 L/s turbomolecular pump capacity and, using an additional, liquid nitrogen filled, 2 liters volume cryotrap, a high vacuum in the 10-5 mbar range is reached for water microjets. The liquid jet material is returned through the narrow jet-catcher aperture into the partially evacuated collecting flask. Liquid chemical aqueous solutions or biological solutions stay liquid inside the collecting flask at 10 mbar vapor pressure, approximately, for typical temperatures of 5°C at the bottom of the collector bottle.

The liquid collection stage provides a clean removal of fluid waste from the high vacuum system. Also, it allows for a simple means for re-use of the jet material, or, for a continuous recycling of the jet-fluid with minimum recirculation total volume in the collector system of 10 mL, at present. In comparison with the –perhaps better known- earlier microjet set up with a cryocooled liquid jet dump, here the requirements for secondary pumps and cryotrap operation are considerably reduced and simplified. Also, the setup is much more compact.